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A. Probation and Expulsion

Occasionally, the Math Clinic and Science Works have had to place some students on probation or cut them from our program. A student is placed on probation if he/she has three infractions:

a. S/he is found to be unprepared for classes (e.g., no notebook for Math Clinic, spectacles, incomplete or missing assignments, etc.)

b. S/he is unorganized and not responsible. (Notes are to be arranged properly in a folder or notebook). Parents please allow your child to recognize that it is his or her responsibility to pack his or her notebook/calculator for his/her Math Clinic class every Wednesday despite the fact that he or she does not have that class at school on Wednesdays.

c. S/he does not follow the regiment of reviewing all notes (starting from day one) on a weekly basis.

d. S/he misses or is late for three sessions in a single term, not due to illness.

e. Expulsion of a student from a class or all classes will be determined by the Director.

B. Effort

While all students do not operate and learn at the same level, the tutors of the Math Clinic and Science Works are looking for a relatively consistent effort being put forth by all participants at all times (or most times).

The company cannot guarantee any specific level or degree of improvement, but our track record shows that our students' performances are directly connected to the amount of study and effort applied and invested by the individiual student. The role of the tutors of the Math Clinic and Science Works is to clarify concepts, techniques and assist students in building their knowledge base in their area of study.


  • An initial deposit is required for each student enrolled in each group classes per term. All one-on-one students are required to pay for each class in advance.
  • Cheques should be made payable to “The Math Clinic/Paula Gunter”. Payment may be made by cheques, e-banking deposits or by PayPal. Debit and credit cards machines are not available at our office. Cash is always acceptable!!
  • Balances and future payments will be given a net of 7 days for final payments. Payments after 7 days will attract a late fee of ten percent (10%) on the remaining balance.

Cancellation Policy

A. One-on-One tutoring

          Any client wishing or needing to cancel scheduled tutoring, for any reason, must give at least 72 hours (3 days) advanced notice to the company in order to request a credit for the cancelled hours. Otherwise, for untimely cancellations (less than 72 hours), the company will allow credit only if the time can be rebooked or filled by other clients, which shall be solely at the discretion and control of the company. All credits must be utilized within 30 days of the cancelled session. The Director’s decision is final with respect to any disputes, or cancellations.

B. Tutor Cancellation

          Should the Tutor need to cancel the contract or a session, Client may be refunded the money in the form of a cheque or Client may reschedule for the same week or later in the calendar school year (within 30 days of the cancelled session).

C. Other Cancellation

          The company reserves the right to postpone prepaid hours in the event of extraordinary weather conditions, unexpected illness of the tutor and another tutor cannot be found, other health or safety emergency, in which case the time shall be rescheduled as soon as possible. Students will not be charged under the same conditions (i.e., unexpected illness, etc, up to 3 times per course per academic year).

Early Withdrawal

  • If Client needs to terminate the Tutoring Contract prior to the last contracted session, then the client must provide the company (The Math Clinic) with one-week written notice; notice date is recorded as the day the company receives said notice. Telephone calls or facsimiles are not sufficient notice. Notice may be given by formal letter or by email to Client will still be responsible for remaining sessions scheduled during Client’s final week. Upon Notice, Client must pay an Early Withdrawal fee of ten percent (10%) of cost of the remaining sessions. Refunds will be issued by cheque fourteen (14) business days or earlier from date notice was received.

No-Show Policy

  • Clients who are not present when Tutor arrives or who are more than twenty (20) minutes late are considered No-Shows. If Client is a No-Show, he or she is still responsible for payment of the tutoring session.
  • Pay-Per-Session clients must present payment for the session in which he or she was a No-Show at the Next Session for tutoring to continue. Until full payment is made, all future appointments will be suspended.
  • Additionally, Clients who arrive late will only be tutored for the remaining part of the session. There will be no prolonged sessions.

Late Pick Up

  • If your child attends the last session on any given day, please ensure that he/she is picked up at most fifteen minutes later.

Student Performance and Expectation

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