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Why Us?

When you enroll in one of our classes at the Math Clinic & Science Works, we seek to achieve the following three goals.

  • To help you in overcoming your fears of Math and Science. We would like you to become so fearless that you could take on problems and combine techniques that are not shown in class just to see how far you can proceed and to learn all you can from the process!
  • To understand concepts (and yes, this is different from techniques/formulae!). To illustrate, one can think of the concept of "area" in Math. An area is the covering of a space, but there are different formulae depending on the shape.
  • To achieve your academic goal/grade. We will give you the tools needed (thorough explanations, concepts, processes, timely feedback about your assignments, etc.), but each student will still have to put out great effort.

Our statistics show that 94% of our students achieve all three goals.

Our Belief

The Math Clinic & Science Works believe:

  • All persons have the ability to learn.
  • All persons learn at different rates.
  • All persons have different learning styles and interests.
  • Mathematics and Science education should be fun and be developed in a way that makes sense to the learner.
  • All education should inspire persons to become life-long learners.

Educational Strategies:


Students are taught how and when to use mental techniques and thought experiments.

Verbal: Not only are students taught to recognize key words and phrases, but also they are encouraged to explain their thought processes and reasoning verbally.

Visual: Sometimes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Here we utilize the power of the graphing calculators so that our students can see exactly what an equation means. Short films demonstrate science experiments.

Tactile: Manipulatives are used to introduce, explain and reinforce concepts and skills.

Written: Writing across the curriculum is promoted especially in Mathematics and Sciences.

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